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Cable Technology

Our Cable Technology division manufactures a variety of ignition cable sets for cars and individual applications for the after market. Their function and appearance correspond to that of original parts. Highly integrated production enables us to reach a high standard of quality for components and assembled systems.

This is one of the main reasons for our excellent reputation worldwide besides flexibility and on-time delivery. And if that’s not enough: We also develop custom-made cable harnesses with our customer for original equipment in commercial vehicles or generally in electronics for use in control and security technology.

Spark-Plug Connectors

Ignition Cable Sets

Cable Assembly

Spark-Plug Connectors

PVL spark-plug connectors and distributor connectors can be found in engines in all international vehicle types from A like Alfa Romeo to Z like Zastava. They are identical in appearance and quality to original equipment.

Careful processing, the special materials used and our technical "know-how" ensure the high quality of our products. Ongoing quality control tests and inspections ensure the correct technical operation of our products.

Ignition Cable Sets

PVL ignition cable sets – and the spark jumps across!
The complete PVL product range includes an optimal and comprehensive selection of EPDM, Hypalon and silicone ignition wires in copper with a resistance for international vehicle types from A like Alfa Romeo to Z like Zastava, and offers you the ideal opportunity to meet the high demands of the automobile spare parts market.

The high quality and precise design of each of the PVL ignition wires correspond to that of the original equipment and thus guarantee precise, reliable and efficient operation in all of the applications mentioned. This faultless functionality results from the use of excellent cables in conjunction with outstanding connectors.

Cable Assembly

In Cadolzburg also manufactures cable harnesses for commercial vehicles, motor vehicles and security engineering according to the most modern methods and inspection criteria.

However, our competence does not start and end with the assembly of cables. It begins with our initial discussions with the customer.

The materials to be used are specified and selected together. We use standard contacts, connectors and sensors or offer the customer an individual custom-made solution. The customer can benefit from our employees’ long-standing experience in both of these areas.