... the vital spark


Product range

  • Mounts for wing mirrors in commercial vehicles
  • Fly wheels for chainsaw engines etc.
  • Regulator housings for PVL current and voltage regulators
  • Corner connectors made from seawater-resistant aluminium


Die-casting and machining facilities in Sugenheim:

  • Aluminium and zinc pressure die-casting on machines with locking forces from 160 up to 600 tons of and with inserts
  • CNC turning parts of between 30mm and 180mm
  • Drilling
  • Thread cutting
  • Reaming
  • (2 D) Balancing for parts of up to 2kg
  • Magnetization of most types of magnetic materials
  • Slide grinding
  • Sandblasting


Our strengths

  • We are equipped for small and medium-sized series batches.
  • Extensive measuring and test facilities in the production plant (SPC, 3D-KMG)