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Regulators, generators, ignition coils and ignition systems can be found everywhere in analog or digital versions.

On a jet ski, an outboard motor, an ATV, a motorcycle, in a lawn-mower, a go-kart or a light aircraft.

Here is a small selection of our product range.



Light Magneto Ignition Systems

Voltage Regulators

Ignition Packs


Digital Ignition Module

Ignition Coil

Light Magneto Ignition Systems

6 5 0 - F I R E
The new digital Ignition System FIRE has been developed to fulfil the requirements of ambitions kart drivers and is compatible to the standard kart system.


  • Go-Kart
  • Motorcycle
  • Scooter
  • ATV / Quad


  • Digital ignition control
  • Rev counter - signal
  • Two ignition advance-curves switchable in operation
  • Electronic adjustment of ignition control in operation(+/- 5°)
  • Ignition advance-curves programmable, several times
  • Electronic Speed limitation
  • Electronic turn off
  • Single/Twin cylinder engines
  • 2-stroke or 4-stroke
  • Compatible to standard Kart ignition systems

Technical Data

  • Starting speed: < 400 U/min
  • Generator power: > 50 watt
  • Operating voltage (battery): 12 Volt
  • Speed limitation: programmable up to 20.000 U/min
  • Voltage regulator: integrated in startor
  • Rotor weight: approx. 0,5 kg

Complete magneto generators/ignition systems for one-cylinder and two-cylinder, two-stroke and four-stroke engines

General technical specification:

  • Max. speed: 12.000 RPM
  • Direction of rotation: Possible in both directions
  • Starting speed: 250 RPM
  • Ignition timing: Curves can be programmed and changed individually
  • Settings: Can be made on the "PVL IPA Unit"
  • Generator output: 350 W/ 12 V DC
  • Applications: Motorcycles, snowmobiles, jet skis, scooters, ATVs ....... 

Voltage Regulators

12V / 8 A voltage regulator

Additional functions such as electronic current limitation or voltage-dependent generator control can be integrated into the regulator to meet customers’ requirements.   


  • Motorcycles
  • Snobs
  • ATVs
  • Light Aircrafts
  • etc.

Ignition Packs

40kV Ignition pack

for auxiliary heating systems in commercial vehicles, coaches and trains

  • Operating voltage: 18...30 V
  • Current consumption: Ieff < 400 mA; Imax < 12A
  • Spark current: > 60 mA
  • Spark duration: > 2.5 ms
  • Spark frequency: 33 Hz

25kV Ignition pack

for auxiliary heating systems

  • Operating voltage: 12 and 24 V
  • Current consumption: Ieff 280mA to 1 A
  • Spark duration: approx 0.5 ms
  • Spark frequency: 100 Hz

Ignition Coils

Double-spark ignition coil for motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc. 

Single spark ignition coils also available


  • High voltage supply: > 21 kV
  • Max. spark energy: 30 mJ
  • Primary resistance: 0.6 ohm
  • Primary inductance: 1.65 mH
  • Secondary resistance: 8.7 kOhm
  • Secondary inductance: 9.2 H

Radio-shielded double-spark ignition coil or motorcycles used as vehicles for the police, the fire brigade and emergency doctors.

  • High voltage supply: > 25 KV
  • Max. spark energy: 50 mJ
  • Primary resistance: 0.36 Ohm
  • Primary inductance: 2.3 mH
  • Secondary resistance: 7.2 KOhm
  • Secondary resistance: 7.2 KOhm

And a double-spark ignition coil or motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc.

  • High voltage supply: > 25 KV
  • Max. spark energy: 50mJ
  • Primary resistance: 0.36 Ohm
  • Primary inductance: 2.3 mH
  • Secondary resistance: 7.2 KOhm
  • Secondary inductance: 25H


Rotor and stator for an ignition system for one-cylinder and two-cylinder engines with 350W generator power

General technical specification:

  • Direction of rotation: Clockwise / counter clockwise
  • Power output: From approx. 1,000 RPM
  • Max. speed: 9.000 RPM
  • Generator power: 350 W / 12 V AC

Our generators stand out due to compact design, high temperature resistance and high mechanical strength. The high generator power in the small design as well as the high ignition current and the short rise time of the ignition spark are all reasons why snowmobiles, jet skis and motorcycles are equipped with PVL generators.

Digital Ignition Module

Digital ignition module for small 1-cylinder engines

The ignition advance curve can be adapted to the customer’s specifications. A rev. limiter can also be integrated.

Additional functions: e.g. Monitoring of the oil level Automatic shut-down upon prolonged idle speed  

Applications: Construction or agricultural machinery

  • Starting speed: 300 RPM
  • Ignition energy: 5mJ
  • Ignition voltage: 12 kV at 300 rpm 
                             20 kV at 2000 rpm