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Go Kart System

In the Karting sport PVL stands for high class ignition systems with superior power and reliability. In order to develop full power for their engines well-known engine manufacturers and Kart professionals use analog or digital ignition systems from PVL.
PVL ignition systems are homologated to be used in the different CIK race series. Our ignition systems for the classes KZ1 and KZ2, KF1, KF2 and KF3 are designed for your success.

PVL places great value to high quality in each small detail. For example, the ignition coils are vacuum incapsulated to avoid any air inclusion. The rotors are molded, machined, magnetized and balanced in our own premises to perform reliably at high speeds.

We do not stop at the ignition system – we offer a wide range of electric accessories, including a complete cable harness to complete the system you require.

682 TaG System

PVL has developed the 682 system for TaG engines, homologated for the classes KF1, KF2, KF3 and KF4. The CDI-Boxes are easy to swap and combined with a  light weight rotor, incorporating a rare earth magnet and steel hub, the 682 system provides enormous energy.

To complete the system PVL offers the following options: ignition lock, starter relay, puller and spark plug connector.